10 October 2008

Knitting on Friday

But before that, proof that even I can fix my hair. I was a little worried about it.Yes, it is that easy to make it curly and spiky. I wish I'd known this a long time ago.

I've been knitting on the Spey Valley Socks. One leg is finished, and I'm pretty close to finishing the other leg.
I wanted to finish something. So I made some Halloween-themed washcloths. What do you think? I think that the pictures even show the design, which is hard to photograph.

I have started a hat for myself. I walk The Wiz to school every morning, and I've been cold. I need a hat. It needs to be one that does NOT match the Wiz's, although he might like that. I'll show you later, when there is actually something to see.


Maggie said...

Very cool! I bet the skull and crossbones pattern would look really cool on a hoodie.

Kate said...

The skull and crossbones would look great on a hoodie. :)