31 October 2008

When Someone Goes Away

Game Boy apparently takes this to mean go damage yourself.

As you probably know, on Wednesday the Wiz and I headed for Seattle. I left a bit later than I wanted to leave but we left at a pretty decent time. When we reached the west side of the Tri-Cities, I had a text message. I ignored it.

Ten minutes later, I had another one.

A minute or so after that, another.

I was getting a tiny bit worried. The only person who texts me is The Collar (and Game Boy, but he was at school so I knew it wasn't him), and he knew I was driving, so it must be something pretty bad.

When we stopped at a rest area to use the restroom and get snacks (there weren't any machines there), I checked the texts. #1. The nurse from Game Boy's middle school called and he needed to go pick him up. #2. He hurt his right pinky. He was going for x-rays at 3:00. #3. A picture of the swelling. I called The Collar to see how he was.

While we were doing all of this, the Wiz and I were admiring Mt. Adams and Mt. Ranier. As we started toward the car, we saw a bus with very skinny windows pull in to the rest area. We watched as prisoners came off the bus to use the restroom. The Wiz was quite impressed with the whole process. He wanted to know why they did things so badly that they had to be shackled. I told him I didn't really know.

We get back into the car and go on. About 4:00 we stop again, and I call. Game Boy has not broken his finger, but he has sprained it badly. He was in PE and was trying to catch a football when he had to dodge a stray volleyball. He shrugged it off, and went to a couple of classes to see if he'd be fine. Finally in math class, he showed his teacher and asked if Mr. R thought it was swollen. Mr. R told him to go to the nurse, right now. Nurse taped it and called Dad, which is why I started getting text messages.

Now we know that Game Boy doesn't just wait for the Collar to leave. He damages himself when either of us are out of town.

Our lives are just too exciting.


Mimi said...

It's Murphy's Law. It happens here, too.

Amanda said...

Never a dull moment! I'm glad GB's finger isn't broken...

Maggie said...

I'm glad he didn't break it. Man, isn't always something? poor kid.