12 July 2007

How to avoid housework

1. Remember that you have a sewing machine, and fabric. Curtains are necessary, right now!

2. Make yourself a skirt. (No pictures--it's comfortable, but isn't exactly attractive.)

3. Play yahtzee or other games with the children.

4. Organize your knitting stuff.

5. Go cycling. Today: First "half" 16:00 min, 3.64 miles (I forgot to start the timer!), 13.7 mph, second half 16:21 min, 4.32 miles, 15.9 mph.

6. Promise to help the boys with crafts.

7. Go bug hunting.

8. Sleep in.

9. Blog.

10. Find episodes of your favorite tv show online. (That works for avoiding everything.)

11. Decide it's not your mess and sulk about the mess.

12. Knit yourself a new top (about 1/3 finished) and knit your SO a pair of socks.

13. Rue buying the new vacuum cleaner.

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