05 July 2007

We Never Stop!

I don't know how our summer of "doing nothing" disappeared, but it hasn't been in evidence lately.

Monday we spent running errands. We took a load of recycling to the recycling center, went to the bank, bought groceries and shoes, and I did this:I've always been blonde. Why not try another color? It brings out the green in my eyes more.

Tuesday was a big day. My sister and her family (husband and 2 girls) visited, and we hiked up the Eastern Pinnacle and had dinner in Berea. It was hot, but we're used to it. Being from Pennsylvania, it was hotter for them. The pinnacle is gorgeous, though, and we really love going up there. Even if it does start my fear of heights going.

I'll write another entry about the 4th. Blogger only lets me have 5 pics at a time.

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