06 July 2007

Independence Day

To celebrate Independence Day, we went on our first family bicycle ride. There's a short bike path not far from us, so we loaded up the bikes and drove down. The Wiz even rode with his training wheels. Game Boy's just so cool!

We went about 3.5 miles--not too bad when one rider is on a training bike and is pretty slow. I rode the Dew (flat handlebars are easier for my thumb), and The Collar and I took turns riding with Game Boy. Fun was had by all.We celebrated the rest of the day with the Baseball Fanatics, who brought mustaches for the boys.Hope that your day was fun too!


Pat said...

You are letting your husband grow facial hair? Wow!

Actually, she prefers that I have a beard because it makes me look older than her (even though I am). But there is no way I will grow one in the summer.

It looks like you are all having fun. Can't wait to have time to visit everyone.

Kate said...

Hmm, The Collar's had the same sort of facial hair before.

I don't care if he looks older than me or not. I AM older, but I look younger, so meh.