09 July 2007

In which I do other things besides knitting

I am knitting. Right now, it's pretty dull stuff, so I'm not showing pictures. The two items are a shell for me and a pair of socks for The Collar. (His socks are orange, brown, and blue striped, just so you know. No, those colors do look good together!)

Yesterday, I made some gluten-free peanut butter cookies. I find they work best if you used natural peanut butter.The other thing I did (this morning!) was sew curtains for our bedroom. It is light in there awfully early even with blinds, so I thought curtains would help. We were given some fabric from Ethiopia (The Baseball Fanatics brought it back when they came back to the states) to use as table cloths. These cloths are about as old as The Collar, but are still beautiful and colorful. Unfortunately, our table is just a tiny bit too wide, so we don't use them often. That's where the fabric came from--so it has a lot of sentimental value for us.

Here they are! I am aware that they are not identical, and that they need to be ironed! As nothing else in our house matches, why should the curtains? They have similar colors and some similar themes, so they make a fine set of curtains for our bedroom. I tested them out on the dining room window, the only window with hardware. I can't wait to put them up and see how they work.

The real question: will the dog (Lulu) stay asleep longer? Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! I am thrilled.

Baseball Fanatic