14 July 2007

Mail Call!

Yesterday was a good day--The Baseball Fanatics came down and we all went to Berea for their craft festival. The boys always find things they want--Game Boy is becoming quite an art connoisseur. He chose a photograph for his wall, while The Wiz picked a stuffed mouse named Swiss. Game Boy has a better art collection than we do! The Wiz is always fascinated by artists/craftsmen and chats them up. Yesterday was no exception. (I bought a pottery colander. I am trying to make/have things that are functional, AND beautiful. IOW, I want to believe my "stuff" is worth moving!)

The other Good Thing about yesterday was I received a package from my Secret Pal (and the one I send made it to the person I'm spoiling). She knows what my life is about! It was a combination knitting/gardening package with some of the best toys. See?
Basil seeds, yarn for boot socks, a lady bug measuring tape (you can't have too many of those!), and post-its. I <3 post-its for knitting. I use them for notes and keeping track of charts. Oh, and a bee pin, that now is living on my Tilley hat.

The farmer is magnetic, and will stick very well to my work table (the vintage table I liberated from my parents house in December. I had their permission.) I like his pitchfork. The green hedgehog is also magnetic. It is supposed to be for paperclips, but I think that I'll use if for straight pins, since I use a lot more of those. The Collar likes him the best.Happy Saturday! I need to go to work. I must do laundry so that I can pack up Game Boy for his week at camp. We're going to be parents of an only for a week, and then we'll go on vacation. Hooray!

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