02 July 2007

Something old, and some things new

First of all, guess what made a reappearance yesterday? I'll give you a hint: we had it for dinner.
Second, the garden is growing and growing. Here is the proof:Today we were busy. The boys and I needed new flipflops, we needed to get rid of the recycling, I've weeded one flower bed, we needed groceries, we went to the bank, and we cleaned one corner of the play room. There's another flower bed to weed and the rest of the play room, but it's getting there. We are using this as a way to purge some stuff. I try to do it every three years, whether we are moving or not! (We'll probably be moving in the next year at some point, but why wait until I know?) Tomorrow's also going to be busy, but in a good way, I believe. Happy July!

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