16 March 2008

Breakfast Conversation with The Wiz

The Wiz always talks. Always. He talks as soon as he wakes up in the morning and stops some time after he falls asleep. This morning, he and I were eating breakfast at the same time. (On Sundays, we eat as we are awake and hungry, as long as it's taken care of by the time we need to leave for church. All other mornings it's pretty much together.)

The Wiz pipes up that "Did you know that the only difference between girl skeletons and boy skeletons is their hip bones?!?!"

Well, yes, I did know that. I do teach biology, and even though I'm a botanist/ecologist/environmental type biologist, I have taught the skeletal system before. But how did he know? I asked him.

"My music teacher told me."

Um, why?

"Because we went to music class, but the teacher had play practice in the music room, so we went to the library." (????? There was more about why they had music class in the library, but frankly, it made no sense and I tuned out. In my defense, I hadn't had more than a 1/2 cup of coffee yet.)

"Then we had music but the teacher told us about skeletons."

He seemed to believe that this explanation made perfect sense (music teacher, skeletons, music class in the library) and decided to read the comics out loud to me. The one he found funniest was Blondie. I think because he could read all of the words. It wasn't very funny.


Maggie said...

I'd love to hear what he and Katrina would talk about. It would be the most interesting conversation, I think.

I thought you might like this link. http://purpleduckie.com/freepatternsindex.htm

Kate said...

I wonder if civilization would survive! :)

Thanks for the link!