13 March 2008


Today is much different from Saturday. Look! Grass! (And my favorite orange shoes and my broadripple socks.)I've been on spring break. So far, I have written a quiz, gone running, took a coaching clinic, went with The Collar to get our taxes done, gone for a bike ride (today--14.2 miles with a nasty headwind all the way home), and worked on the socks. I haven't done as much knitting as I expected to do, because I have been really busy. I haven't even been my alter ego on Guild Wars.

Further evidence that spring will come is all of the plants growing. If the weather holds, I'm going to ride my bike tomorrow, too. Even if I have a nasty headwind on the way home.


Maggie said...

that is just not right. Or fair. We are expecting what I hope is our last snow storm tonight and tomorrow. I'm so done I'm ready to cry. And I like your shoes. Are they keens?

Kate said...

Yes, they're Keens. I pretty much wear Keens and Birkenstocks now (and Nikes)because I have plantar fasciitis in one foot, and the other foot I broke 4 years ago. They're the only kinds that don't hurt. These were on clearance and I love them!

Sorry you might get more snow. We're probably going to get more rain!

Maggie said...

I love my keens! They really do help with feet problems. And they are cute to boot. I hope your rain stops soon and we both get plenty of sun. I'm so sick of winter.