25 March 2008

Breathe in, Breathe out

Lent is over.

Holy Week is over.

Easter (the day) is over. Easter the season won't be over for 48 more days, but it's not the intensity of Holy Week/Easter Day.

Anyway, I/we have been busy. We colored eggs:

The Wiz will eat hard boiled eggs. Game Boy will not. I'm eating them for breakfast. Do you know how important eggs are to me? Being a celiac/severely allergic type, eggs in their many forms are a huge staple of my diet.

Easter was pretty much low-key. The Collar's parents did not come down, as his father wasn't feeling well. It's probably better, because I came down with a nasty cold. I just got over one from my spring break!

Last Thursday, I started a new pair of socks, for the Wiz. I finished them yesterday. They are 48 stitches, mostly in stockinette. I just couldn't do more ribbing for a while. They are Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn in Elderberry. I knit them on size 1 needles and did a short row heel. The Wiz likes them. They were fast. Right now, I am apparently only knitting one thing at a time.

My next carry around project is arm warmers to wear when I'm cycling and it's chilly. They are going to be striped. I'll also be casting on for a short cardigan to wear over my sleeveless dresses (in yellow!), but first I need to get the right size circular needle.

Now, to check my school email, eat lunch and take a nap. I told you it was a nasty cold.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! Nice socks!