06 March 2008

Cast On

I have two works in progress right now. The Domovoi Shawl (I guess it counts--I haven't frogged it yet!) and the dishcloth cotton miter square baby blanket are the only two at the moment. No socks. That's terrible!

Thus, I have cast on for another pair. Here is a picture:The colors are reasonably close to the actual color. I love knitting socks with self-striping yarn, because you can tell easily that you are making progress. This yarn is KnitPicks Felici in Hummingbird, and it is so soft. I knit my FIL a pair of socks out of the same yarn, but in Pebble.

Guesses on whose feet these will be?

1 comment:

Anne said...

I have to go with the Wiz... is that pink I detect up there?