29 March 2008

Soccer and Sweaters

Soccer games started today. Both boys played on fields near each other, which is good, as their games were only 1.5 hours apart.

The Wiz is happy, because they won, and he scored a goal. Game Boy isn't so happy, because he didn't win, but he had a good time anyway (we're playing him up a league). They are both happy, because we ate at Papaleno's. The Collar is happy, because he didn't have to go to work today (and because we ate at Papaleno's). No pictures because when I coach, it's not easy to take them.

So, that is the soccer part. Now for the sweater part.I started knitting the Hexacomb Sweater from Spring 08 IK, in yellow. I haven't gotten too far yet, but I do like so far. It will be a nice little sweater to wear over my sleeveless dresses. I need to knit something that requires half a brain, rather than something that doesn't seem to need any of my brain (aka the arm tubes).

The boys are on spring break next week, and we will be busy with many and varied things. Consider this a warning that I might not be around.

Oh, and I am beginning to finally get over this cold. I must get over it before April 11, when I will be flying. Congestion and flying do not mix, unlike gin and tonic.

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