01 April 2008

Opening Day!

Game Boy went up to BB Fanatics for Sunday night so he could go to the opening day parade with them. The Wiz had a doctor's appointment Monday morning, so he, the Collar, and I couldn't go up then. (I know, The Wiz having a doctor's appointment comes as SUCH a surprise to all of you! He's fine.) We were going to be late, but it was opening day, so who cares?

It rained. It rained. Oh, my goodness, did it rain!

We're driving up to Cincinnati, and were certain the game would be canceled. We finally made it up there, and learned the game wasn't going to start until 3:00. Even parking at Newport-on-the-Levy and walking across the bridge, we managed to make it to the game, and not miss any of it. As you can see, the boys had a great time.The Wiz really liked his flags. They were a freebie we were given when we walked in the stadium.
The game was fun, even though they lost. Now the boys can say they've gone to 2 opening day games. I've only been to one!

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