06 April 2008


Yes, we went to Toledo for part of the boys' spring break. Yes, we are aware that it is colder there than it is here. We went up for The Collar's grandfather's induction into the Medical Missionary Hall of Fame at the University of Toledo.

Being one of our trips, things didn't quite go as planned. It rained the whole way up. I forgot the kit for The Wiz's IG. I didn't forget the IGg or the pump, but the needles and the subq tubing, yep, they stayed at home.

The hotel had an indoor pool, so the boys were able to swim. (My pictures didn't really come out.) Or, at least they swam the first night. They swam with LOTS of cousins. Game Boy has four about the same age, and The Wiz has two. But his special cousin is a girl, and they have the same letters in their name! They are both 7! Wow! (They told me a few other reasons that they are best cousins, but I can't remember them right now.)

Game Boy got really sick the next day. He often does when we travel to some place new. He and I stayed in the room. I knitted and played Guild Wars (well, there was free wireless, so why not. I can't watch kid TV all day.) and nagged Game Boy to drink more.

The Collar and The Wiz went swimming again. Twice. The Collar was tired. Then they went to an Indian restaurant with the family.

The Wiz decided he was too tired to go to the actual induction ceremony, so he stayed in with Game Boy and me. This turned out to be a good thing, as he then promptly broke out in hives. What's scary is that I am so used to it that I just broke out the benedryl and put him in his pajamas. They watched the old movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and had a short discussion about which one is better. Then they fell asleep. I watched the movie.

Game Boy started getting better finally this morning. Poor kid. He wasn't even feeling well enough to get out and look at the Gemini capsule mockup at the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, OH. (We stopped there for lunch.) We didn't go into the museum, but we did see the outside displays.
Now we're home. The Wiz has had his IG. Game Boy is feeling better. I planted cabbage. School starts for the boys tomorrow. The Collar and I need to get ready for our trip out to WA state.


Anonymous said...

We've had trips like yours-at least you had something to do while you stayed with your sick boys. The N.A. museum looks pretty good.
Hope your boys are feeling better.


Maggie said...

Katrina always gets sick on car trips and such. But then she's always sick and it doesn't phase us. I imagine it's the same for you. lol

Anonymous said...

Now I know where you were all weekend! You were missed! But glad the boys got some good "cousin time" and are feeling better now.