22 April 2008


I say it's my birthday! The boys say it is too!

The Wiz even made my soccer team sing to me.

It's been a lovely spring day. The sun was out all day. It made it into the upper 70s. Perfect, pretty day. I rode my Dew to the bike shop and bought two pannier baskets. They are big enough to hold a gallon of milk plus more. Then I rode down the street and picked up the Wiz's albuterol. (Cough is better. It must be allergic.) Running errands by bicycle makes me happy: I love my bicycles and it's an environmentally friendly mode of transport. (That's where the Earth Day stuff comes in.)

The Collar made dinner (fajitas!), and a gluten free cake, with cream cheese icing. Game Boy prefers gluten free cake, so it's nice that everyone will eat it with me. He did not put 38 candles on the cake. Instead, he put on sparklers. I'm going to return that favor. The cake was very good. Both of the boys now adore cream cheese icing.

The Wiz has given me a soccer ball, a packet of sunflower seeds (strawberry blond variety) and a purple t-shirt (our soccer team wears purple). Game Boy gave me more cube dudes. I love those silly stick guys. I'm a geek. The Collar gave me an i-Pod Classic, so I can watch tv and listen to podcasts, and do all of these things while I work on the computer. I need to have some noise when I work. He also found, somewhere, a sterling silver necklace. What a guy!

Now, the boys are in bed, and The Collar and I are relaxing. It's a quiet end to a lovely day.


Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like it was a wonderful day for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns of the day! 38!...wow, you're almost grown up!

Hope the year ahead brings you many blessings.

Kate said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a truly nice day. Even with having to work. :)