14 April 2008

In Which We See the Sights

So, we've seen much more than mountains. We've seen a whole new part of the country. We've seen a whole new town.Apparently, it's not always like this.

But yesterday was gorgeous. Walla Walla has a lot of greenspace. We were able to enjoy some of it. They gave us some time to wander around town on our own. We decided to go somewhere that we might go as a family. First, we hung out at Pioneer Park. And then we drove out and saw more MOUNTAINS!


Elisabeth said...

Places always put in a special weather order when they're going to be wining & dining someone. ;-)

It looks beautiful! (I'm jealous.)

Kate said...

Oh, it was really beautiful. I'd also forgotten how much I miss sky.

The weather order only worked for us. The other candidates got bad weather!