30 April 2008

Random Stuff

Game Boy is naming all of our kitchen appliances, due to a misstatement by the Collar.

Game Boy is anxiously awaiting the fourth book of a series he's reading. Yes, he is reading to himself for pleasure. It's a miracle.

The Wiz has a wicked sense of humor. His version of a sappy song he was taught had us all rolling. No, I'm not sharing. Many I know do not get my sense of humor at all!

I love the New Pornographers. I'm listening to their All Songs Considered Podcast.

The Collar has been making videos.

All of us have been playing board games. I'm still the champ. What? You let your children win?

Spring 08 is almost over. Just in time for Summer I 08.

I have found myself trying to put things in my back shirt pockets when I'm doing things around the house. Why? Because cycling jerseys have them, and they are ever so handy. I'm seriously thinking about putting pockets on the backs of my t-shirts!

All of us are pretending we're not worried about moving this summer. Or jobs. Or anything else.

Enough randomness. I should be working.

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