02 April 2008

GI and the Zoo

One of the things we try to do is have the Wiz's specialist appointments during school breaks. He misses so much school as it is, that it's pretty important to do.

Yesterday was the GI. In two weeks, it will be the Hem. His Hem is partially retired, so we have to go when he's there, which means we'll be missing some school. Oh well. (The Wiz will never have perfect attendance. Frankly, no child should. Too many parents send their kids to school sick.)

The Wiz has grown some. He's up to 43.5 pounds and is now 46 inches tall (10th percentile for weight, 25th percentile for height). He's maintaining his gain 5 pounds a year growth rate. His PI is still there, but he hasn't grown enough to need to change his enzyme dose. So, all is well. Dr. GI wants to see him in July. We rarely get a 6 month break from the GI. Oh well.

Note to self. Even if I want Game Boy to see some of the not-fun parts of The Wiz's doctors' appointments, it's not worth it to have the two of them messing around with each other. Oh my goodness are they annoying in closed spaces.

As per our tradition, we then drove the three blocks to the zoo. It's good to have fun after these things. Since we can never make it back for school anyway, we just head over there. It's educational, right?The peacocks are definitely ready for babies.The red pandas were active.The lions did their lion thing.
The polar bear was swimming.The rhino statues stayed in their spot by the front.

We had a good time, then we came back home. There are no adventures planned for today, but we'll have some this weekend.


Maggie said...

Does Gameboy ever answer the Dr's ?? for the Whiz? Anytime I have one of the older two when Trini is at the DR, they insist on anwering for her. lol

Kate said...

No, because that would mean that The Wiz had stopped talking. That doesn't happen! :)