13 January 2009

Back to Normal

or what passes for normal around here.

The new washing machine works well so far. It's huge! I am doing about 3 weeks worth of laundry and I have two loads left. Larger loads means fewer loads, which is quite nice.

Today is warm (58 or so!), so I took my bike off the trainer and used it where it's meant to go (the road). I went from our house to Oregon, and looped back into Washington. It was about 16 miles, which isn't too bad for the first ride in four months. (Last year was awful for cycling for me.) I really wasn't ready to finish, but I don't want to overdo it, either. There's something more satisfying about saying I rode my bike to Oregon, even though it's not necessarily a longer ride than one that takes place all in Washington. But how many of you can say you've ridden your bike to Oregon? :)

I have started a new project for an auction at church. It's a lace scarf, so it's not exactly attractive yet. I think it will be quite pretty though.

Both boys are in school (HOORAY) and I started my new semester. Right now there aren't any major holidays at church, so the Collar has a wee bit of a break.

Any way, here we are. I'm glad it is calmer now.

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