24 January 2009


I finished something!
It took its bath.Then it dried as I blocked it. It was 41 inches long before blocking.After blocking, it was 54 inches. Lace is amazing!
This is a closeup of the pattern draped over my arm.
And here's another view. Specs:
Size 3 circular needle
about 1/2 skein of Shimmer yarn
Fern lace stitch from Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book.
Finished size 4" wide, 54" long. If anyone cares, I could post the "pattern".

The next finished project is probably this:man socks. There really isn't any pink in them, that's a flash artifact. I have knit a bit more on the top sock. I still have about two inches before the legs on both socks are finished.

Really what I want to do is knit more lace. Stockinette socks aren't exactly stimulating.

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