06 January 2009

Everything Round Here Is Broken

Apparently, it is our duty in EVERY house to replace all of the appliances.

At the old house, we replaced the fridge, the stove, the garage door opener (the only way to open the garage door) and the dishwasher.

Here we need to replace a fridge, the wall oven, the 3 year old washing machine (hint: don't buy it from Sears), and our phones.

The washing machine is quite painful. It's only 3YEARS OLD. I'm not bitter at all. (Did I tell you not to go to Sears?) We're getting a better one. But it really is aggravating.

The oven is vintage. However, it's from the 50's and the house is from the 30's so it's anachronistic anyway. We'll do modern.

The fridge can wait. We have one upstairs. We now own a used upright freezer, so that takes some pressure off too.

We wouldn't have had to replace the phones if they hadn't discontinued the batteries. However, now we have 4 handsets, so that worked out all right.

Other things might break. I won't say it can't get worse, because, that just means you get smacked down. :)

On Monday, I'll get to do laundry again. And life will be better. Or at least less stinky.


Dorothy from Kansas said...

I'm surprised that it's a Sears washer that gave you trouble. I've always had Sears appliances and they do quite well. KNOCK ON WOOD. But I know about things breaking down! I have found though, if you have faith, it's never as bad as you think. I panicked yesterday when my power unit went out-at least I know how to put things together-it was only $30 to replace, but still-my computer is only 2 years old!

LilKnitter said...

That's frustrating. My mum had to replace the fridge and stove at her last house after moving in. Amazing how the appliances can all be functioning and seem decent when you're looking at the house, deciding to buy, but once the ink's on the page...blam! Busted appliances.