02 April 2009

Adventures with Game Boy

Game Boy doesn't get to travel with me as often as the Wiz. The Wiz "gets" to go to Seattle for medical treatment and so on. I try to make those fun for him (who likes to have blood drawn?) so Game Boy often feels left out. He and I went on a trip. He decided what we would do.

We went to the Tri Cities (all of 45 minutes away) because he hasn't been there. (Wiz has--his allergist is there.) We stayed a hotel with an indoor pool. We got Mexican food. We got snacks to eat after he swam. We played on the computers (our computers). We slept in and ate breakfast.

Then we drove toward home. However, instead of staying on 12, I took the turn toward Umatilla and we drove down several million years of erosion. It was breath-taking. We drove until we hit Sandpoint Recreation area, and we pulled in to walk around and see the Columbia River up close.Game Boy found some driftwood and mussel shells. And he saw the amazing power of water and rock.I am happy that he's my kid.


Batty said...

That's a great mother/son outing. I'm glad you both had such a good time.

Kate said...

We really did! We're going to do it again some time. He's got plans, big plans, he says!

BBFM said...

Tell Micah, "You go, boy!" And you, too, girl!