13 April 2009

So, so soft

A friend is due with her 4th boy any minute now. Theoretically, I'll see her tomorrow so I can give her this.

It's a blanket, made with Knit Picks Crayon yarn, in yellow, orange, green and purple. Knit on size 7 needles. This is a seriously soft blankie.

It's 9 blocks, 6"X7.5", 4 in garter stitch, 4 in stockinette. One is striped, because I thought the center block should be sort of a focal point. Here it is before I added the miter square border. And after I added the border and washed it. Did I mention it is a seriously soft blankie?
See the button and the strip of fabric? I picked up stitches and knit a garter stitch strip, with a button hole. It can be attached now to the handle of the car seat or the stroller, so it won't get lost. I really wanted something like that when I'd had babies, so I figured out how to make one, and now every baby blanket I knit is going to have one.

I'm quite proud of the button hole and loop. :)


D. said...

Ah! fortuitous, Niece#1 was just lamenting she can't find "soft" blankets which has me looking for a launderable alternative. This is gorgeous, I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

That is so gorgeous!


Pattie said...

LOVE it!