21 April 2009

Random Pictures

One of the souvenirs that we sold at the race were these cowbells. Isn't it great?This is the magnolia tree in front of church on Sunday. Our boys (and an extra) all were climbing in it.
Finally, we had meatloaf last night for dinner. It was supposed to be a flower, but the boys insist it is a starfish. Either way, it was good, because it had more edge on each piece. There wasn't much left.Today I had my bicycle readjusted. The handlebars were too low for me and were causing me pain. After it was adjusted, I went out on the 5 mile route and conquered the hill. Hooray for me! I was also a lot faster today. I upped my speed on that route by 3.6 mph. Amazing how well I can do when I am not fighting the bike.

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Pattie said...

cool meatloaf!!!!