04 April 2009

Lake Bennington

The last time we went to Lake Bennington it was 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). It was not like that today. It was probably about 60.

There were almost no clouds, too. It was a beautiful day. We knew the boys (and the dogs) really needed to go out and run.

A very small boy, enjoying the beautiful day.The spillway, which is rarely wet at all, as far as we can tell.
A boy and his dog. She's pretty well trained and tends to stick to him like glue.
An osprey that we saw on the walk.

You can tell it's one of the first weekend days that has been nice. We saw people outside doing things EVERYWHERE. There were cyclists, skateboarders, walkers, fishermen, soccer players and everyone else. If it's nice tomorrow, I'm hoping to convince the Collar to eat a picnic lunch. (Tomorrow's a big day though, so maybe not.)

If you are a friend of mine on facebook, I posted a bunch more pictures. It's a good thing I've gone digital. :)

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Batty said...

Wow, that's just beautiful.