24 April 2009

Still Busy

When it's nice outside, and the boys are in school, and it's the end of the semester, I'm too busy to really blog. This might be good, because then I'm not writing about minutiae. This has been another very busy week.

The Collar has had three funerals since last Saturday, and a fourth is coming up tomorrow. Sunday is the youth Evensong at church, so Game Boy is learning a new song. I've gotten to ride three times this week for about 55 miles this week.

Wednesday (besides being Earth Day) was my 39th birthday. (I don't care who knows.) It was such a nice day--temperatures in the 70's, sunny and beautiful. On top of that, my boys all gave me a great day. Game Boy baked my birthday cake and gave me a gift certificate to the bike shop.

The Wiz bought me a water bottle, which says enjoy the ride and new cycling socks, with a cup of coffee, and a writing on the sole. It makes me smile to know that my socks say things.
The Collar made dinner: grilled steaks, grilled asparagus, fresh steamed broccoli, and baked potatoes. It was so good, and all of us really enjoyed it. For my birthday, he gave me a new jersey and a weather center, because he thought I needed a non-cycling gift. Of course, I'll use that for deciding what to wear when I'm going out or if I can go out. Of course, we'll use it for other decisions.
A really great week and birthday. (Pictures courtesy of Game Boy.)


Barb said...

Happy belated birthday, Kate! What a great bunch of guys you have there. :-)

LilKnitter said...

Happy Birthday, Kate!!! It looks like it was a wonderful one!