07 April 2009

Cycling to Oregon

Powerline & Stateline Roads

It's only Tuesday, and I have been out twice this week. Hooray for nice weather!

Today I rode to Oregon because I can (it's 4.5 miles from our front door) and it amuses me to say I rode to Oregon and back.

Yesterday I rode with the Collar. We rode out to Rook's Park and came back via the Mill Creek MUP. When we got back, he told me he was pleased because he never dropped from the big ring. I never even bothered to go off of my middle ring. It just shows that we have different riding styles.

Here are some pictures from today:
the view south further into Oregon

wheatfields in Walla Walla
Cottonwood and Hood Roads, with more not yet growing fieldsThe view of the Blues, past wheatfields


Batty said...

Those mountains... absolutely beautiful. It really looks like the land just goes on forever and ever. Such beautiful open spaces.

Kate said...

It really feels that way to me when I'm out. It is one of the big differences between here and Kentucky. The horizon was never that far away in Kentucky. It is beautiful there too, but in an entirely different way.

I'm a lot less claustrophobic here. Of course, the trade off is realizing how small we all are. ;)