22 May 2009

Bike Geek Post

I've been riding a lot more this year--and a lot of it is because I have more choices. Another nice aspect is that I do NOT have to worry about mean dogs chasing me. Mean dogs are all over in Kentucky, and they all live at the top of a hill.

I've been getting faster and mostly adding mileage. I missed one week due to back pain, but that's gone, so I'm happy.

Here is the data (I made a graph, but I can't get it to post!):
Week Speed Miles
15-Mar 11.6 38.76
22-Mar 11.3 16.64
5-Apr 13.8 47.3
19-Apr 14 54.49
26-Apr 14.2 38.70
3-May 14.6 54.39
10-May 15.1 64.49
17-May 15.2 89.12

I started off pretty slowly, but have picked up speed as I've been riding this spring. My goal for the summer was to be able to reach 50 miles a week. I think I need to think of new goals. I'm quite pleased that I'm riding over 15 mph over an entire week, especially when I'm adding mileage. I'm already over 200 miles for the month of May. Not bad at all!

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