04 May 2009


Chain ring tattoo by gears, calves by cycling

I've been trying to ride at least three times a week. Last week, I only was able to go twice: Monday and Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday it rained and was cold, and I'm a wimp. Thursday I had a flat. At least I got to go twice!

Monday I rode the loop I think of as Oregon to Russell Creek. I'd never done it before, but it is a nice ride. It's a nice 23 mile ride. I'll do it again this week, I'm sure. Friday's ride was a new one too: I rode to the end of the pavement (or close to it anyway) on Cottonwood. It's a long, hard, uphill ride. However, if you turn around and come back down, it's a long, easy, downhill ride. (This ride is about 15.5 miles.) If you have to go uphill, you should at least have some reward.

Today I went out with the Collar. We did the Cottonwood loop. That's usually a 15.4 mile ride, but I forgot to start my GPS. Oops. It's nice to ride with the Collar, but we don't exactly ride together. We're almost like toddlers playing side by side. (Ha!)

One of the strangest things for me to get used to is that when I go out, I'm always climbing at least the first half of the ride. The way back is downhill, back into the valley, and is always easier. It's so strange, but really nice.

It looks like it will be a nice week for riding, if the forecast stays the way it is.


Batty said...

My sister has really gotten into cycling. She loves it. Bought a mountain bike and joined a club, now she spends every moment she can riding up and down hills and mountains and every piece of dirt she can find. The scenery in her part of Germany isn't anywhere as impressive as the vistas in your pictures, but it's still fun.

Kate said...

I'm not in a club, but that's mostly due to time. Please tell your sister I'm jealous of her! I'd love to see her part of Germany, or even the part my dad's family came from.

Go, Batty's Sister! Go Girl!