29 May 2009

Um, Yes

It's been almost a week, and I haven't blogged. I've been doing a lot, but nothing that is particularly interesting to anyone else. I'm knitting a Christmas Stocking to show my class that starts on June 9. I finished the body of my sweater, so all I have now is to pick up the stitches and knit the sleeves. I've been riding my bike (306 miles this month!), and that's mostly interesting to me. We had a great Memorial Day (slept* until 7:30, woohoo!) and drove to the Tri Cities so we could get some pots for tomato plants (yes, we have them here, but we wanted to get out of town a bit) and check out REI. There's an REI only 45 minutes from our house. We're just a bit pleased about that.

The boys have school for two more weeks, then they are out. The summer is looking very busy, but it should be nice.

Since I don't have much, here are some pictures of plant life around our house:
one of the roses we whacked back this yearone of the roses in the front flower bedanother one of the whacked roses (they were about 7 feet tall last year)and homegrown rhubarb, from our own back yard.

*slept meaning we laid in bed until 7:30. The sun comes up at 4:30, and Lulu thinks we should get up. But we did not.

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Batty said...

300+ miles in a month... wow.