31 May 2009


Or mittens knit in the style of Selbu (a Norwegian area/village). They are highly patterned, and a lot of fun to knit. I took a class with Terri Shea and some other W squared knitters. It was so much fun. During the class, I made it all the way to the thumb opening. Last night, I finished the hand, and this afternoon, the thumb. A quick steam blocking, and I can see what the real finished project will be. I love that the inside of the thumb is the same as the palm. The back of the hand is pretty cool, too. And a nice, ornamented cuff which is long, so nice and warm.
Dancing girls, around my wrist. Maybe next winter won't be so cold.
I've cast on for the second mitten, but I need to decide if it will have boys or girls on the cuff. I'm leaning towards boys.


BBFM said...

Those are soooo cool! Or maybe I should say hot!!!

lcinSunnySoCal.wordpress.com said...

Those are SO neat!! I should try that! (someday!)

;) I'm with you...dancing boys around the other wrist!

Beth said...

You are awesome. Really. I'm awed.