04 June 2009


I've been riding a lot of miles lately (it's cheap, it's fun, and I really like it). Besides seeing all of the great scenery (mountains, orchards, wheat fields, onion fields, and vineyards), there is often a lot of wildlife that I didn't see when I'd ride in Kentucky. (No, Kentucky was mean dogs that lived at the TOP of the hill.)

I've seen deer, California quail, pheasants, and hawks of various types. Magpies are every where! There are a variety of waterfowl to see too. Apparently, the kildeer here don't like bicycles, because they always go straight to the pretend to be injured phase so that I don't hurt their babies.

Yesterday, it was rabbits. A pair of rabbits came running out of the brush from other side of the road. Instead of going straight across the road (which would have been helpful), they ran out in front of me, stopped, looked at me, and then ran a weaving path back to the other side of the road.

Once in a while, squirrels like to play chicken. Stupid squirrels.

I wonder what I'd see if I stopped and looked down at the creeks. There are probably lots of interesting things to see there.


Batty said...

I like squirrels. They are so funny... they play chicken with cars and bicycles, they climb up the bird feeder, they fall off of trees because they are all round and fluffy and uncoordinated right before winter... they're so much fun to watch.

Rabbits are great too. I used to have one as a pet, they're soft and fluffy and if you get the right kind, you can even make yarn out of them.

Kate said...

Squirrels are funny--but sometimes I'm just not capable of laughing at them. Over-confident little clowns! :)

The rabbits were smart enough to stay away from the bike. I think that they just don't know what bikes are.