29 June 2009

Olympic Peninsula--Ferry Ride

As you know, we now live in Washington State, on the xeric side (the Cascades are an effective rain barrier). While the Collar's parents are here, we all made the trek over the mountains and down to the sea to the wet side of the state.

We finally made it to the Olympic peninsula. It's very different over there, especially when you compare it to here! There are similarities: both sides have wineries, orchards, and lavendar farms, but the geography and climate are so different. It was down right chilly over there.

I'm going to write about the trip, but it will take me several blog posts. I'll start with the ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge.

The only ferry that the boys had been on before was the Valley View Ferry in Kentucky. We'd take it once in awhile when we weren't in a hurry to go to and from Richmond. This one was much bigger.

It was a pretty clear day, for this part of the state. We could see the islands from the ferry.

Some of the family was bird watching. You can tell because they are wearing binoculars.Some of us were just cold. It didn't stop him from looking for jelly fish, though. Wiz saw a lot of jelly fish.Later the view from the house.

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