21 June 2009


Father's Day was spent at the game. The Collar's parents are here, so here we are. (Thank you for bringing us to the game. Obviously we had a great time. Even if we were all cold.)We got to see a new baseball stadium. This one has a roof--and it came out while the game was going on. I took video, because I am that much of a geek. It was like watching the alien mothership come in for a landing--the huge shadow falling over the field fit the trope of science fiction where the alien ship blots out the sun. It was pretty cool.

Ichiro Suzuki hit his 1900th hit today. We found out he is fast. The Wiz loves him best now.
Griffey came out for a pinch hit, so we got to see him again. He's Game Boy's absolute favorite player, so the new sweatshirt that I was given by the BBFs has already been absconded once. (It says Griffey with his number on it.)

There were dancing groundcrews, lots of music, and a huge amount of fun for the boys. See?Oh, and the Mariners won!

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Batty said...

What a great time! And... putting a roof on a baseball stadium is such a great idea. No more rained-out games. Yay!