21 June 2009

Metric Century

Yesterday I finally was able to make an attempt at a group charity ride (I've had things happen before the last few I've tried, so this is really exciting.)

This is the ride I did. Here is the route.

This is what my gps looked like at the end (an average of 15 mph):It doesn't include about 10 minutes of rest time (you MUST eat at these things).
And what I looked like (after some food and a ride home):
Wow, my hair is getting red. No, I'm not dyeing it. Yes, I was kind of giddy/stupid/tired.

It was a fun ride, bad headwinds, stupid dogs, and all. I wound up riding with a couple of guys from the Tri-Cities (and I pulled a lot, too) so I wasn't alone. I also saw a friend at several of the rest stops, so we chatted a bit too. Now I know some more routes (my goal is to have about 10) and so I have more places to go.

Maybe I'll sign up for a full century in fall. I'm pretty sure that I could do it.

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