09 June 2009

Catching Up

It's summer, so it's really busy around here. It might be easier once the boys are out of school.
  • I finished my mittens. I need to take pictures, but I finished them.
  • I rode my bicycle over 30 miles today. 15 of those mile were up hill. (No, really.)
  • Game Boy's final 6th grade concert happened last week.
  • School is over FRIDAY!
  • Roses are blooming all over.
  • We've planted a bunch of flowers. The front beds are starting to look pretty nice.
  • Our friend and her son came over the weekend. It was so much fun to see them and get caught up. W is 6 months younger than Wiz, and they mostly had fun together. We ate well (lamb and garlic sausage is amazing), drank well (tasting rooms are fun), and chatted a lot.
  • So, some pictures:


Batty said...

You always post such lovely nature shots! I love looking at your pictures. And... yum, tasting room. Somehow, I always gravitate towards the cheap stuff. Don't know why.

Kate said...

Thank you--I've been trying to take pictures of everything that I like to look at so I can remember them later.

If you want an inexpensive Walla Walla wine (if you can find it), Yellowhawk Cellars have some really nice ones.

Anonymous said...

I love that poppy!

Kate said...

That was the only poppy, too.