30 June 2009

The Strait

We stayed in a house overlooking the Juan de Fuca strait. We were able to walk down to the rocky beach from a path. On the path, we saw a lot of banana slugs. When someone tells you that they are big, it's hard to believe that they are this big.The first day we were there it was a bit chilly and overcast. Not a lot of rain, but it was cool. We went down to the beach and explored a bit. (Not as much as the next morning, but some.)My little hippy in training, with his peace sign.
The Collar, in a very common pose for him.Game Boy, dragging a kelp float and holdfast attached to a rock along the beach. (Kelp's big, too.) Sunset, the first evening (about 9:00 or so).


Anonymous said...

Those are some gorgeous photos! Well, except for the banana slug.

...Consider yourself blog-stalked! I'm headed off to do some shopping for you this afternoon, looking forward to sending you a couple of great goodie bags.

Are there any gluten free goodies you'd like but can't get where you live? I know of a few places around here that sell different things.

--Summer Trails

Kate said...

Yes, the slug is gross. They were everywhere, too!

I can't think of any gluten free things I can't find here because there are two stores that carry a lot of the g/f food. If you can surprise me, that's more fun!