10 June 2009

A Pair of Mittens

The last time I blogged about mittens, there was only one. Now there are two! There are boys on the left cuff, and girls on the right cuff.And when they are laid side by side, they look like they are holding hands, too. I'll have warm hands this winter.


Batty said...

Those are very cute! I love all the little people on them. I've actually been coming back to look at them. I've never knit a mitten with fingers, so maybe it's time.

Kate said...

I highly recommend the Selbuvotter book. There are a ton of mittens that I'm going to knit in there.

I am glad that you like them. I keep petting them. :)

Barb said...

Those are wonderful! And black and white will go just fine with my winter jacket, thank you. ;-)