17 May 2009

Weekend in May

It was a warm and busy weekend. Yesterday, Wiz and I went to the farmer's market. We bought local honey, radishes (which I prepared and Lulu the lab ate all of them but one), spring Walla Walla onions, greens, and asparagus. Wiz wanted a bar of soap, so I let him get one. (Wouldn't you buy your kid soap?)This afternoon, I was lazy. I sat in the back yard and knitted. (I want to get a table and chairs to put in the corner where it's shady.) We have irises (not many blooming) and the hydrangea is still going full tilt.
It's a cotton and silk blend, this yarn. It should be a nice summer evening sweater, when I finish. It looks like it's only going to be another few repeats before I'm finished with the body.
A close up in dappled light of the lace pattern.
This is a picture before I knitted this afternoon. I sat all by myself in the backyard with my ipod, water and knitting. I don't get to do that often.

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BBFM said...

Looks like the basket holds a good crop.

That color is perfect for you.