10 May 2009

Happy Birthday, Collar!

Today is the Collar's Birthday. He was a Mother's Day baby. Such a good guy.When we came home from church, he did his usual after church nap, but he got to do it in the hammock today. :) When it was time to grill the ribs, he did it and Wiz stayed in the hammock with him, apparently getting lessons on how to look like he's working without actually doing anything.Game Boy made his cake (he likes to bake, and is having a blast doing it at school in Home Ec).

He received some fun (and/or useful) gifts. A bag to carry to work from me (he's also getting a cycling jersey, but even though I ordered it 11 days ago, it's not here),a pair of pigskin gloves for gardening and a mini multi tool (Wiz calls it a spy gadget) from the Wiz,
a set of carpenter's pencils and sharpener from Game Boy, and also from Game Boy, Mr Bacon and Monsieur Tofu, which Game Boy found last November and has wanted to give his dad ever since. (They were sold out at Christmas, so when we found it later, we bought it. He's had it since February!)
I think he had a good day. :)

(P.S. We blew off Mother's Day. It's too complicated to celebrate both, so we'll just have a Mother's Day do later on.)

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