21 May 2009

Bikes are Us

We've been doing a lot of being outside on our bicycles these last few weeks. Wiz learned to ride last week, and is doing very well. We'll be able to ride more now as a family.

Game Boy has quit track (he hated it) and has switched to cyclocross. It's something he can practice year round, but only compete in the fall/winter. He likes to have one thing he does, so it is working well. He really loves it. It's very active--running across sand pits, carrying your bike over barriers, riding in tight turns. The only down side is he will need a new bike. He really needs a lighter one.

I've been riding a lot. I do not seem to think it counts any more unless I ride over 20 miles at a time. How did that happen? Today I rode down through College Place, and out of town, to Whitman Mission. On Monday, I rode to Milton-Freewater (with the Collar). Technically, I've been getting out of town, and the state. Tomorrow or the next day I'll write a totally geeky post about biking complete with a graph. You probably won't want to read it. :)


Elisabeth said...

I watched some videos of cyclocross online. That's a freaky sport! I assume at Micah's level, it's not quite so dramatic, or you might be making a lot of emergency room runs.

Kate said...

It's pretty calm at his level. Considering that we've had ER visits for accidents goofing off in the backyard, I'm not too worried about it!