14 October 2006

Back down south

We're back home. We came home on Thursday afternoon, but I was so tired and mentally exhausted that I didn't have time to write. It's not like this is a paying job, so (not-so-)faithful readers, you'll just have to wait. : )

L and I drove up to the Cincinnati area on Wednesday afternoon. I always try to go up the night before so we can sleep a little bit longer and cut down on the driving during the day. It also gives L a chance to spend some time with his beloved grandparents. There are some benefits to L's illness.

While we were up there, MIL and I found a dress for me to wear to a wedding B is celebrating next Saturday. It's really beautiful and was on sale. I'll wear it to rags like everything else I own. If I find something that I like and it fits, it goes into rotation for years. We also found a beautiful velvet jacket, which I will probably wear for the next 20 years or so (if you think I'm kidding, I still wear a sweater I've had since I was a senior in high school--18 years ago!).

Then, we tried to go to a yarn store so FIL could buy some knitting needles. The store was no longer there, so we went back to the car. It began to rain and blow, so we sat in the car awhile and decided where to eat dinner (The Boathouse). We finally start off, and after we turn onto a road, we watch a tree fall down across the road. It wasn't far in front of us, so our discussion in the car probably kept us from being under the tree. Whew. However, now L's worried about trees falling on him while we're in the car during rainstorms.

Dinner was great. L really enjoyed the ribs there. He wanted to learn how to fold the napkins the way they did for his restaurant he's going to open. He also enjoyed watching the boats on the river and the rainbow we eventually saw. The rest of us needed some quiet after a difficult day (my bil was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday and they still aren't sure what is wrong) and a chance to relax before the next, also difficult, day.

L needed to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. That meant a very early morning for us. We left at 5:40ish. As L was getting in to the car, he slammed the door on his fingers. I ran inside and got him ice, thinking that at least we were going to the right place if they were broken. : (

By the time we were at the hospital, L's fingers were better. He has a little bruise, but he's okay. We arrived before the reception staff at Hem/Onc, so L had plenty of time to play in the play area. We usually don't have time, as L goes straight back to a room. Once we made it to a room, L was able to watch videos. He also was allowed to order breakfast, which made him even happier. Of course, he couldn't have it until after the biopsy, but it was still good that it was going to be there waiting for him when he woke up. Then we had to put in his IV. Even with emla cream, it still bothered him. Sigh. Even after it was placed, he complained about it. Usually, he's fine, but this one hurt him. It had to be replaced, so they did that after he had his general. We wanted one in case his GI needed blood for tests, too. The biopsy went well, but we still haven't heard any results yet. His CBC was okay, but there are some abnormalities (like always). Dr. H thinks L is starting to have sinus problems on top of his lung problems so I need to talk his allergist into getting him in faster.

On November 14, L will be starting IG therapy. The first dose will be given in the hospital and L will be receiving it at home weekly after that. Wish us luck, because now I have to learn to give it to him. I'm worried that he's going to hate it and be angry with me. However, it should help keep him healthier, so it will be worth it.

Between the hem appointment and the GI appointment, we walked around the first floor pushing buttons. Well, I walked and pushed the wheelchair, L pushed buttons! He dropped his spider which he took into the OR and we couldn't find it. Later, a very nice person gave him a ghost to take care of for her since the spider wandered off. L wasn't too happy, but he accepted being in charge of the ghost. L's doing well GI wise--he is now 42 inches tall and 37 pounds. He's still pretty darn small, but he is growing and is actually on the 10th percentile curve for weight. For height, he up to 25th and has been there for a year now. We don't have to go until April to the GI. I don't know when our next hem appointment is, as that usually is decided after the pathology reports come in.

We managed to go to the zoo and saw the Australian animals and the penguins. We met G&G for lunch, but then L was ready to go home. His hip hurt and he was tired. The trip home wasn't too bad, but we ran into traffic. Oh well.

Today, both boys had soccer. L's team had a goal but lost. M's team won their first tournament game, so he's pretty excited. M plays tomorrow. L only has one more game.

I'm tired, and ready to do nothing for awhile. Ciao.


Anne said...

Glad things went okay, and I hope you get the results quickly. Is L's IG therapy going to be subcutaneous I hope?

Kate said...

The first dose is IV, but after that it will be subcutaneous. Thank goodness. It's going to be hard, but I think that he'll tolerate it well later on.

Kathy said...

I hope you and L, and the other half of your family, are all doing well!

Kate said...

All of us are doing well. We are pretty pleased that soccer is almost over, though. Two boys playing gets a bit complicated!