31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treating is over. The boys have more candy than they'll ever eat (no, really. M threw away half a pumpkin full today!). We have a bit left from what we gave out (tootsie rolls and the like), but mostly, we are full of meatloaf.

It's been 10 weeks since I've had a picture of meatloaf on this blog, so here are a couple of pictures. Presenting: Calabera Meatloaf! It does look a bit like a skull. M fully approves of skull meatloaf. He ate this. Brain-shaped meatloaf, not so much. B wants me to make baby-shaped meatloaf, but ... I don't think that I can do that. There will be other meatloaf constructions, but I don't what will be the next. I never expected to make a calabera meatloaf. Next year I want to frost it with mashed potatoes, then decorate it with ketchup and olive eyeballs. L, of course, at the olives.

I'm also showing you pictures of us in our costumes. L was a ghost, M was Han Solo and I was a lady (don't laugh, sometimes I am!).


Maggie said...

great costumes! I'm diggin the meatloaf, too. lol We had strawberry jello w/strawberry chunks in the mini brain molds mom gave me a while back. Charlie loves it and says they are monkey brains. lol We really like our Indiana Jones movies here.

Pat said...

M stole my costume idea. Alia and I had originally planned to dress as Princess Leia and Han Solo, but we ended up not dressing as anything. It was just a quiet evening in...meaning, I fell asleep in front of the TV. Boy, I'm just like Dad, aren't I?

OldLadyPenPal said...

Ok. I typed in your blog address and watched Bollywood while waiting for the page to load. And then I glanced down to see a face of meatloaf peering up at me! I hollered and scared JungleJim, who was in the process of filling out his absentee ballot!
Once again meatloaf has RUINED democracy!!! ;)

Kate said...

That pesky meatloaf! Why must it be such a bane to political activism!

Bad, bad meatloaf.

Anonymous said...

cute pictures. I am impressed with what you guys can do with meatloaf..... I'm boring and only make rectangular meatloaf....you may have inspired me to make shapes! ha ha