21 October 2006

More of the same

I kind of forget how unusual our lives can be. This month has been incredibly busy with L going to doctors and having tests, but it still doesn't always sink in.

Anyway, L saw his new allergist on Thursday. I called on Tuesday saying that the Hem wanted him seen sooner than December. We've never had a 48 hour turn around with allergy before. I was just hoping we would see her before we go back up to Children's for the first dose of IG. Apparently, saying the Hem wants him seen has magical powers of schedules opening up!

I really like the new allergist. She is pretty young but is "educable" as a fellow SDS lister said. Dr. O had actually heard about SDS (at first she saw Creon 10 and asked CF?) but didn't know a lot about it. She promptly went and got her textbook of pediatric disorders and brushed up. She's a bit surprised that he seems to only be intermittently neutropenic, but I did tell her about his bone marrow and other issues. She is taking him and his immune system very seriously. We will be seeing her every three months for at least the next year and every 6 months after that. His allergies are pretty bad, apparently. She thinks his headaches are sinus related (so does the Hem) and has added new medication and ordered a CT scan. She doesn't want him to have antibiotics unless he needs them.

Yesterday L had his CT scan (yes, less than 24 hours later). L was given a magnetic kitty because he was sooooo brave. He's always brave when there are no needles involved! I'm imagining B's parents are reading this and thinking why we didn't tell them. Well, because they are busy helping SIL and her husband in NY. The report should make it back to the allergist in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I have copies of all the images. They are huge! I really need to find some place to store them. L likes being able to see inside of his head.

The more of the same and weirdness comes from the fact that afterward, we went to soccer practice. I was talking to the mother of one of my players and mentioned that we'd had another medical test today. She was flabbergasted that we'd come out to practice after a CT scan. I didn't tell her about coming to practice after L's BMB! I didn't even think that it was weird to go and do these things at all.

However, this month has been insane for doctors and medical tests. Our insurance company hates us, I am sure. In October, L saw his ped for a preop visit. He had blood work done. The next week, he had a hem visit, a BMB, and a GI visit on the same day. We will be starting IG on November 14 (my older brother's birthday). We saw the allergist and then had a CT scan. It's been really busy.

Today is all normal stuff. M has his 3rd tournament game. B is celebrating a wedding in Lexington, and I am going too, wearing a beautiful dress that B's parents found for me. It should be a good day. : )

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