15 October 2006

Knitting for SDS

I've been knitting for SDS lately. This is the beginning of a pair of socks for a large child/small woman. It's a picot edge and plain stockinette otherwise. I'm going to do a heel flap, because I actually like the way they look. Here are the two 5 hour baby sweaters that I made. One is for the SDS auction and one is for a baby that will be born in December. The picture of both is to prove that I made two! Yes, they are knit from the same yarn. I didn't believe that you could knit a sweater from only 4 ounces of yarn, so I bought two. The sweater with the ribbon tie is going to go to the SDS tea and the one with the button is going to be the baby gift. I made the sweater and the socks girly because I don't often knit for girls. Around here, it's knitting for boys most of the time.

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