07 October 2006

I was busy

The week I've just finished was packed full of all sorts of activity. Nothing terribly exciting, but busy nonetheless. Sunday afternoon I spent prepping a lab practical for Monday afternoon. I managed to finish it in two and a half hours. I have a ton of things to grade for the labs, and for the lecture classes still to do, but it's better because I'm off for a week! L also had his preop visit, so we are getting ready for his annual bone marrow biopsy on Thursday. Ugh.

Soccer and choir are getting to be pretty crazy. M's choir is part of a big concert on November 5, the Feast of All Saint's (the Episcopal Church has this as a moveable feast, so we celebrate it on the Sunday closest) and thus has rehearsal almost every Saturday from 10-noon. Then he has games. L has games, but no extra rehearsals. Thank goodness. Soccer will be over in two more weeks. I'm ready to sleep in some.

Anyway, today M had rehearsal while L had a game. B went to the rehearsal and I went with L to the game (being the coach). Only three children showed up (one was sick, one out of town, one has disappeared), but it was enough to play. Whew. The other team had 5 players, so they could sub, but oh well. My little players were very good and hung in and really played the whole game. They won, anyway! L even scored his first goal (for our team) today. All three of them scored goals. I was very proud of all of them.

M's game was later. His team was very good yet again. They shut out the other team. M's coach has been trying to keep the scores down and has been making the offensive team play defense and the defensive team play offense. It didn't work, again. M was very close to scoring, once by a header! His team is playing very well, and they have a few more games to go. I hope that they play well and can make it through the playoffs. I don't really care if they win, but they've done so well, they deserve to.

This evening, we went to the Bishop's Barbecue, a diocesan-wide event. The boys had a blast, like always. : ) Everyone in the diocese knows them, so I am not too worried about keeping them close. It's fun to see people and talk and find out what's going on at the other parishes.

In knitting news, I am almost finished with M's socks. I have completed the toe of one and have started the toe of the other. I'll probably finish them tomorrow. I'd like to work on the kilt hose stocking and B's sweater sleeves. I have to finish a pair of socks for L (he deserves a new pair after what he had to do yesterday and what's coming up next week). I'd also like to get a pair of children's socks (from yarn previously thought to become fingerless gloves for me) made to send to P for the SDS Silent Auction and Tea. After I finish the things on the needles already and the socks, I think that maybe I'll be allowed to knit something for me. I could use a sweater. I have one cardi that I knit and a sweater from high school (oh, so long ago) that fits. All the others are too big or have been worn to bits. I'm cold and I want another sweater!

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