22 October 2006

Soccer's over

for the fall. We won't play again until March. : ( On the bright side, we can start sleeping in on Saturdays. (Unless of course, M has choir rehearsals, which he does for the next two Saturdays.)

M's team played a great season. They only lost one game, and it wasn't today! The only team that beat them was the team they faced in the championship game today. It was a hard fought game, but the Tigers won, 2-1. All of us parents thought it would go into over time, as we were freezing! With two minutes to go, our team scored their second goal and held off the other team. No overtime, so we didn't freeze to death! : ) He's so excited. We're really proud of them. All of the players worked really hard and it paid off.

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elisabeth said...

Congratulations, M! It's really cool to have such a good soccer player in the family.