29 October 2006


we have free time now. Today was the MUSA soccer party. M received his trophy, and found out that playing defense is really important. L and I saw a few of our team and I gave them their trophies too. M is probably going to play indoor soccer with his teammates (but that's just Saturdays, and we can miss some of those games). As soon as the kids got their trophies, they took off and played on the indoor fields. They had fun.

I found out from L's teacher that he won't give her the things we send from home. Hopefully, I've solved that problem with a mini messenger bag, a pattern I just made up Friday.
Despite the picture, he really likes the bag. We told him that anything in the bag must go to his teacher. Maybe this will work (crosses fingers).

Choir is still in full swing. M has a big concert next Sunday, so after next Saturday, we won't have Saturday practices again until December. I have a ton of grading to do already, but am adding more to it this week--two exams and lab notebooks. Ick. When's Thanksgiving?

I have some pictures from el dia de las mortes (we did it Saturday, even though we should do it on Wednesday*) to show you later. I don't want to have a too picture heavy post.

*I realized after I published this the first time that Thursday is the Day of the Dead, not Wednesday!

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