11 October 2006

North, HO!

L and I are heading up north for his day of doctors tomorrow. We are leaving here around 12:15 or so this afternoon. I think that the two worst things for him will be a.) no breakfast until after his bone marrow biopsy and b.) getting his IV inserted. He sleeps through the biopsy and is looking forward to going to the zoo afterwards and buying another stuffed animal. He will be seeing his GI first thoughIt's strange to have a child who looks forward to surgical procedures. Maybe I've made them too much fun afterwards?

Anyhoo, yesterday was very busy. B is exhausted, as he spent literally hours at the crematorium. He claims it was interesting and not depressing at all, but he's definitely exhausted. The funeral isn't until Saturday, so this is a long drawn out process, much more than usual. M is becoming much more independent. He can ride his bike to friends' homes and is generally growing up. It helps that he has a security phone (he gets nervous), so we can call him when he needs to come home. Yes, we are that teched out.

I managed to grade 13 notebooks yesterday. I have about 11 or so left. I cleaned the upstairs (not that you can tell--Lulu sheds like crazy) and it mostly looks better. After that, I did some thing that are fun. My spooky secret pal sent me a nifty sock pattern for Halloween illusion socks, which I definitely need to knit. I worked on L's sock (first leg is completed, I cast on for sock #2), and I knit 3 pattern repeats of my shawl. All while watching L&O reruns. I miss Lenny.
The picture images aren't the best--I took them at night and the couch isn't exactly fine furniture. But it will give you the idea, anyway.


Spooky SP said...

Wow! That'll be a great Clapotis. Have fun knitting... the best part is when you get to drop the stitches.

Love and hugs,

your SP

Kate said...

I'm impressed that you knew it was a clapotis! I don't remember ever saying that I started one.

Anonymous said...

Hey-- cathcing up with you...life has been crazy here (as you know!) Our kids definitely are the same in many ways. J is looking forward to his surgery because he loves the mask with the gas in it. He just loves the gas. Guess they have to find some way to cope. We definitely want to go to the zoo when we come up to Cincinnati. Did you guys make it to the zoo?